Monday, July 29, 2013

Try It You Might Like It!!

                           Want a New Adventure?  Why not look and try it!
                           Have you ever stepped out of the box to try something new?  Give stamping a trial time to see if you might be interested in learning a new activity as a hobbyist or even earning an income to help support your hobby or supplement your household income while you enjoy some private time .  I enjoy making items I can give to others and hearing their reaction to know I took my time to think of them and created a paper craft project, such as a greeting card, for them is a delight.  It makes me feel good, and saves me time and money to use my materials at home to complete a gift.  You can join my team and earn an extra kit if you sign up.  I will work with you, to help you get started.  It only takes a short time to go online and fill the application to get your started kit.                                                  

Offer: New recruits get to pick one of four project kits for free in addition to their starter kit when they join Stampin' Up!
Dates: July 15-August 31, 2013
OptionKit DescriptionItemTotal Value
Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Halloween Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit
Build a Banner Simply Created Kit AND
Christmas Banner Simply Created Accessory Kit
Thankful Tablescape Simply Created Kit133463
Tag a Bag Bundle AND
Tag a Box Bundle
I have some more cards I made for convention to share with you .

Here are some pictures of my friends and I having fun at convention.




Convention has so much to offer.  One of the best things for me, is meeting so many new demonstrators and sharing what we love.
Hope you have a great week.  Remember the good things in your life and give thanks, for what you have.
Hugs and blessings to you.

We had fun shopping for matching outfits to wear  at     convention.

Sherry was a angel friend helper for me during the swaps.
Thanks Sherry!

Pearl was another angel helper for me during the swaps.  I  needed to give her a break.
Thanks Pearl!

Nichole was waiting for her next swap! Like me, she signed up for lots of great swaps.

Checking on my good buddy.  Time for another swap!!

Carol, my room-mate, was ready to start cheering for the beginning of convention.

We loved our new bags!!  You did good Stampin Up!

Carol won
Prize Patrol!
We loved getting free products.

Stampin Up's
25th Celebration.
We love you Stampin Up!!

We were glad Colleen joined us for the event.

At the end of convention, Carol and I got together with some of the demonstrators we meet last year, to have a fun dinner before we all hit the road for home.


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  1. Glad you had so much fun! Great photos! :-)